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Insuffisance renale

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L’ accès au sang est indispensable pour débuter l’ hémodialyse.

 saturday 29 mai 2010 Monsieur Selvig STEINAR
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Advise after varicose veins surgery

1-For the scar (or the cicatrices) :change the inguinal dressing all the two day.

On the microscars you take only an attention and pullout the dressing in one week.

No Shower during one week.

If the scar is pull out accidentally you can ask to help a nurse . 

2- For the elastic contention legs with the elastic stockings :you bring the stocking only during the day at the morning to the evening for three weeks

3-To avoid standing position immobile during the day, no surmenage, no standing around ,no stamping and no work during three weeks.

You can walk but without excess ; you wait three weeks for the sportive activities.

Avoid to drive your car on the long way, but you can drive just for short courses.

4- You sleep in your bed with an elevation of your feet on 20 cm at 30 cm.

The hématoma stay during three weeks with a regular resorption during this time.

After three weeks if your ankle is with an oedema you can put the stocking for few weeks still.

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